As you know, Proband was developed to support a project whose funding ended several years ago and was an application provided to you without any warranty or support obligation by CHOP.  CHOP voluntarily provided support for years but since the funding ended, Proband currently has no other avenues of support. Though we have tried to find ways to convert Proband into a self-supporting application, we have been unable to find a workable solution.

Thus, we are writing to inform you that we will be discontinuing support of the Proband pedigree application and no longer making the application available effective February 1, 2020. This comes after much deliberation and searching for alternative solutions. We hope this gives you adequate time to find a new system that meets your requirements.  Please know this determination has not come lightly, but we feel that making a conscious decision and providing an appropriate lead time is the responsible thing to do.


Exporting Your Proband Data

With respect to exporting data, the best method remains to export the PDF and Proband file and save it in a secure location. There is also an option, under the same Export menu, to “Open Proband Pedigree Archive in..”, which will export the entire database of pedigrees.  We do not have a way to convert the database or individual Proband files into a standard file for import into another system.


We are proud to say the app has garnered users from all over the world and we have really enjoyed meeting Proband users over the years.


Thank you for being a Proband user,



The Proband Team.