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  1. Swipe right on any entry to add diagnoses classifications. Proband uses both ICD-10 and HPO designations
  2. Use your Proband app to share pedigrees and collaborate with other Proband users.  Simply send the original Proband file and have them open it using Proband.
  3. Looking for just the data from you pedigree? The proband file is a human readable xml file.
  4. Press and hold to lasso to organize family members by ethnic history easily by simply drawing a circle around the entire group.
  5. You can add your pedigree to your electronic health record by posting to the media field.
  6. Need to add more detail in your pedigree, just use the Notes feature to enter free text.
  7. Watch this video that demonstrated how to depict donor/surrogate relationships here https://youtu.be/vaSMXuoLwSQ?t=1020
  8. You can manage your Proband pedigrees in Dropbox. From Dropbox, select the file, hit the button in the upper right corner that looks like a rectangle with an arrow pointing upwards.  From there a pop-up opens that has a button that says “Open in..”. Tap that button, and then select Proband. (PHI should never be sent via applications like Dropbox)
  9. You can delete a Proband pedigree by swiping left on the pedigree name in the Open/Manage Pedigree screen, and choosing delete. This will completely remove the pedigree from the device