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Proband is an app for taking family history pedigrees, designed exclusively for the iPad

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What people are saying about Proband...

"It is what I have been looking for--in terms of an intuitive, easy to use app for pedigree drawing."

Fuki Marie Hisama MD
    Associate Professor and UW Genetic Medicine Clinic Director
    Program Director, Medical Genetics Residency
    Dept of Medicine, Division of Medical Genetics, Univ Washington

"I really like the app. It is highly friendly compared to the previous apps I used. I have recommended it to my colleagues in my institute. I had no problems in using it and constructing the pedigree ... I really appreciate your great work. I am so happy to have such app to use it in the clinic."

Iman Abumansour, MBBS
    Medical genetic resident PGY4
    Medical genetic and biochemical department
    University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada

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This work was funded by the NHGRI Clinical Sequencing Exploratory Research (CSER) Program Grant 5U01HG006546-02